I love history and particularly Roman history and any mythology or folklore really.

I also love the humorous often irrelevant asides that you don’t usually hear about in general history. (Fun fact: my hand just slipped and I accidentally published this during my work break, whoops. HISTORY!).

I would love to hear about everyone else’s favourite history topics, irrelevant vignettes, family histories, anything that you find import, funny, silly, no matter how big or small.

What I want is the obscure minutia that excites you.

You love roads built by the Romans, but only during the reign of Claudius in Britain: fantastic, let me know.

You are exited by the buttons that were sewn onto ballet costumes for the La Scala only in 1851: amazing, let me know.

Please, history is so vast, let me know what you love about it!


2 thoughts on “history and you

  1. Ancient Egypt floats my boat…all the way to the Nile delta and whichever sea it drains into! I’ve always enjoyed the concept of canoptic jars – imagine cracking one of those open after 4000 years? It might be completely uneventful, or it might be super gross, depending on whether they used any preservatives. I have never looked into that.

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    1. Egypt is rad. It’s amazing to think its history covers so long a time that Cleopatra closer to today than to her ancestors who built the Pyramids of Giza (i think). My experience of canonic jars is limited to when I made one in high school ceramics with Horus on it, it was pretty sweet. I also believe that there were some canonic jars in Brendan Fraser’s the Mummy, so I would suggest any research begins there, as if i really need to give a reason for anyone to want to watch the Mummy though.

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