Write like 1976 NASA, for free!

It seems I am going through a bit of a typography phase at the moment. Or at least a design phase. Regardless, this isn’t going to go in-depth into the story or history of NASA’s 1970s graphics redesign, which from what I have read is very interesting, rather this is just advertising that you can download their 1976 Graphics Standards Manual right now from the NASA web site! For free! 

I had never thought about just how much work goes into every little area of typographic design; from letterheads to space shuttle doors.

I wonder how everyday workers received this graphics overhaul? From working in a government agency myself I can imagine: not well.

Why get bogged down in these though? Download your copy of the Graphics Manual and get studying NASA typeface so you can start NASA typefacing everything! And not only NASA or space related stuff like you see above, you could also NASA:

Any other building to make it a NASA building


Some bananas:




A rancor


The Soviet Space Program


Anything you want!




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