Lessons from Outlander season 1

Sing me a song of a land that is gold.

Period dramas can only get better when you put them inside another period drama.

It isn’t considered cheating if your husband hasn’t been born yet! WINK!

Scottish men can have long, lush flowing curly hair and completely hairless bodies.

Men in kilts?…not bad, not bad at all.

Playing jaunty music over a scene where a husband is belting his wife for her misbehaving means we, the audience, find it funny…?

(do we accept Jamie’s apology for this?).

Women of science no not fair well in the 18th Century, but probably better than they do now!

Basically everyone from the 20th Century is also living in 1743.

Women enjoy sex? Oh boy, this must be science-fiction.

Don’t let your nerd husband choose your romantic post-war holiday.

Unless, as we observe, abandoned castle basements really get you going. (And oh boy, they do! You go Brutus!)

Pregnancy feels like…urhh…boy I hope not.

It’s pretty easy to reach up a woman, spin and pop out a baby.

Where is Jamie?


Starz original programming!

Should I revisit Spartacus? I think so…


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