20th Post and I’m feeling lazy

Woo, 20th post.

I said to myself going into semester break that I would sit down and finally write some proper post. Now that the start of a new semester is just around the corner, I’ve found I may have not done that. Whoops.

Still made it to the twentieth and I’m getting lazy. I’ve spent too much time reading the past month: Ancillary JusticeThe Return of Tarzan, The Goldfinch, The Wind-up Bird Chronicles, Comsicomics . I suppose that’s been pretty productive. Plus working to earn that young money, baby.

Oh well, next week may expect more. But right now, it is 6.6 degrees outside, I just got rained on coming home from the gym, it’s too windy, too cold, and I’m just too lazy.

So let’s enjoy this picture of sunny Pont du Gard, and think back to warmer days.

Maannnn, I’m jonesing for summer, I just want to ware shorts.

Anyway, this has been silly, and maybe pointless, but I just can’t stand the thought of looking at stats and seeing these posts out of order, so here we are.

Rereading this though, I feel like my readers have come to expect more for me.

Behold! a blurry photo of ASIMO!


Sweet ASIMO, lend me your strength to get through the lethargy of winter. You are just too beautiful for this world.


2 thoughts on “20th Post and I’m feeling lazy

    1. Haha, I know. However, when I’m buying nothing but short-shorts on sale because it’s winter, I just want to have my legs out in the sun. As for 4 months constant rain, I’m sorry UK, but no thank you.


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