Overheard in Zargreb


“Whoa… Jesus yeah. I think I’d definitely see a doctor for that.”

“You think just because you brought doughnuts you can roll with us?”

“Leave the doughnuts and get back to those other squares, Old Man.”

“Oh no, don’t mind him. He’s just yelling because he wants attention. Ignore him, don’t give him the satisfaction.”

“Bro, get over here and help with this one, it’s going to be a two-hander.”

“No, I’m not sad you are leaving. I don’t need you anymore, I can just hug myself, thank you.”


4 thoughts on “Overheard in Zargreb

    1. Ah! That’s alright, maybe it was a bit too subtle a joke. It’s a reference to the fact that despite having a degree in English, I’m not very good at spelling! Is that irony maybe? Boy, first big mess up, and on a title too. Well, I think I will keep it like that though, let it stand as a reminder to us all. Especially as it will definitely get my Croatian father’s goat! How do you like me know Dad!? Should have raised me better!…Ahem. Thanks for the comment!

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      1. Haven’t checked up on you for a while and hoped you might have cleaned yourself up (no) and now find spelling also an issue but Morphine Child already pointed that out. Are you claiming the mistake was intentional? Actually on third re-read of last part, to make sense of it, I think you mean “now” instead of “know”. What’s that degree you’ve got again?

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